Tooth Diamonds & Tattoos

With dental flowable composited came the idea to bond, not only braces, but also precious jewelry to the tooth. Twinkles is specially designed to bond firmly to the surface of the tooth covering 1/4 – 1/3 of the surface – tiny and elegant.

Another reason to choose Twinkles.

Are you a person who takes of your rings when you wash your hands? Do you take of your earrings at night? Are you afraid to lose your necklace when you surf or swim? Twinkles is a hassle-free ornament, you can do all kinds of sports, activities, and it will not be in your way or get lost. Even when you brush your teeth you polish your Twinkles and it will sparkle even more!

Twinkles are glued with braces glue.

We who had braces know they leave no mark on the tooth. Nice and easy, let it sparkle al long as you like then just ask your dentist to polish off your Twinkles… or keep it and enhance your smile for many years.

How well does Twinkles stay on?

The gold setting is made with a slightly curved back to follow the shape of the tooth. The adhesive is applied by the dental professional to the tooth, the gem set in place and light cured for 60 seconds to harden the composite. The wearer may feel the twinkles during the first few days of attachment. However, he or she will eventually get used to the presence of the gem. They are small and flat, designed this way so that it will barley is felt. There will also be no trouble when eating or having teeth professionally cleaned. Twinkles will stay on the tooth until removed. Removal is done by the dentist in the same manner braces are removed – the gem is polished off and will leave no visible mark on the tooth.

Crystals as tooth jewelry

Dental crystals provided by Twindent are glass crystals with an aluminium foil backing. The backing is there to create the reflextions. Twinkles ot the other hand are real diamonds and due to the cone shape they are set in gold to create a slightly rounded backside to fit the surface of the tooth. Crystals look great but are not as durable as Twinkles.

Dental Tattoos

Dental tattoos are custom designs which are added to dental crowns before the crowns are sealed and set in the mouth. The term dental tattoos can also sometimes be used to describe temporary decals and stains which can be used to decorate the teeth. In the case of crowns, dental tattoos are most commonly seen on the rear teeth, but they can potentially be applied to any tooth, and they run possibility of wide gamut of styles, colors, and designs.

Dental tattoos prove that apparently skin is not the only place that can be decorated with a tattoo. Dental tattoos form the latest trend in India. Using “tattoo” to describe these ornamental designs is a bit of a misnomer, as a tattoo is, by definition, a pigment mark made by piercing the skin. In the case of dental tattoos, the teeth are not actually pierced or even touched with a needle, and the material which covers teeth is enamel, not skin. However, the end result is much the same, especially in the case of an artfully produced dental tattoo.

Dental tattoos are usually applied by the dental lab which makes the crowns. After a dentist takes a mold and confirms that it is correctly sized for the tooth, they send it to a lab to be manufactured into a crown, or produce the crowns in-house, depending on personal preference. If the customer wants a dental tattoo, the mold may be sent to a lab which specializes in such things, and a skilled artist typically does the tattoo work, carefully painting a miniature design onto the tooth before it is sealed. Because in case of dental tattoos the work is sealed in, clients going in for the dental tattoos generally do not have to take any special steps to maintain them, beyond the normal hygiene.

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